Recruitment Trends for 2022

The recruitment space has dramatically changed since the start of the pandemic. An accelerated rise in technologies and new ways of working have resulted in new recruitment trends for 2022. Read on to find out more...

It’s a candidate-driven market.

This is probably the most significant shift since the pandemic. With more jobs available than candidates, applicants now hold more power. Candidates can negotiate better salaries, so this year, we expect to see more creative job benefits to attract top talent.  

Company culture driving applications.

Successful company culture will strengthen relationships, transforming a company into a team. It enhances employee wellbeing and positively impacts performance and economic growth. Looking ahead, as millennials and Gen Z form the crux of the workforce, company culture is increasingly becoming the primary reason for job seekers to join a company. 

Remote recruitment is here to stay.

Whether your workforce is back in the office or still WFH, remote hiring is not going anywhere. Virtual interviewing allows recruiters to have access to a larger talent pool and is a time-saving and efficient interviewing process.  

Focus on retention.

Moving into a new year is a time for employees to rethink their careers and consider their opportunities, and in the current candidate market, businesses will be focusing on retention. 

Diversity and inclusion.

According to McKinsey’s Diversity Wins report, companies in the top-quartile for ethnic diversity on executive teams are 33% more likely to have more significant profitability. Also, those with higher gender diversity on executive teams were 21 per cent more likely to outperform. So in 2022, Diversity and Inclusion is no longer a ‘nice-have’ – it must be central to the company’s values and business practices.

Rise of data-driven recruiting.

The use of real-time analytics and insights, from offer acceptance rates, quality and cost of new hires and candidate feedback, help to craft the most appealing recruitment process for a business. 

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